Wednesday, July 23, 2014

everything is broken

the tomatoes are coming along like gangbusters. i counted 17 this morning and those were just the ones out in the open. i'm sure there are lots of bashful little fruits hiding behind the leaves. i was all set to take a few photos when disaster struck. the camera seems to be dead. i pressed the "on" button and nothing happened. i changed the battery and again nothing happened. i then whacked it and nothing happened so i then whacked the son of a bitch a lot harder and it almost came to life. when i press the on/off button, i get a few seconds of light. maybe i'll dunk the son of bitch in a pail of water and see what happens. a new camera would be nice but i don't relish the thought of reading the instruction manual. life was so much easier when sonny was around.

i'm a little peeved with our bullshit media. the top story has been the shooting down of the malaysian jet. didn't those dumb sons of bitches lose a jet earlier this year???

the israeli bombardment of gaza continues unabated while we point fingers at putin and his merry band of rebels in the ukraine. we sneer at the russian media when putin denies any involvement but at the same time we lap up the bullshit israeli propaganda regarding gaza. i'd truly like to shoot the next prick who says or writes that palestinians rush to roof tops when they hear a building has been targeted by israel. i have some stronger opinions on the bombardment but i'm scared shitless of big brother monitoring me. let's just put it this way, my neutrality is waning and i'm beginning the question the righteousness of israel.

i love you sons of bitches.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

life is tough

some nitwit was complaining about my lack of new posts and questioning my creativity. well, it's got nothing to do with creativity and everything to do with the difficulty i'm facing with the disappearance of the blogger dashboard. my life is very hectic and and i face many challenges these days. i've lost my temper a few times when i was unable to navigate the blogger minefield and i just hope that god is willing to forgive me for losing my temper needlessly. i will try to persevere through these difficult times and keep praying that god finds it in his heart to forgive me.

god might forgive me but i'm certainly won't forgive the 2 fucking cunts who SET A TORTOISE ON FIRE AND STOMPED IT TO DEATH. i hope those 2 rat bastard illiterate cunts burn in hell for their crime. fucking ignorant cunts. totally fucking despicable. stupid cunts should have their water turned off.

and god can go fuck himself if he thinks i'm going to ask forgiveness for this little temper tantrum.

i love you sons of bitches.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

the missing dashboard

for the past month or so my dashboard has disappeared from the top right hand corner of the blogger page. i figured it was just some change that would require a new template and all would be right with the world and i really didn't give a shit so i left it alone. around the same time i was having problems with a website where i do some banking and again i didn't follow up because it was a techie sort of a problem and like i just said, who gives a shit. but then i got pissed with the bank over something else and gave them a call. they transferred me to their techie who treated me like a child and had me navigate through a few things until the problem was found.

it turns out that when i signed up for some free "do not track me" stuff, numerous sites that like to give me cookies etc, got pissed and wouldn't co-operate with my needs until i got rid of the do not track me. it turns out that blogger is one of those sites that likes to track me and took away my dashboard as punishment for not wanting to be tracked. the bank techie suggested that i get rid of the "do not track me" stuff but i didn't get to where i am today by doing what a bank tells me. so i left the "do not track me" stuff on chrome and now use firefox when i want to get the bank stuff. same thing with blogger. my dashboard magically re-appeared when i logged in with firefox. oh well, fuck it. the whole world is one big "cause and effect" fishbowl.

i just finished watching the big lebowski for my 15 minutes of bliss before retiring and laughed my guts out several times. this made me laugh the hardest:

i love you sons of bitches.