Saturday, January 31, 2015


so those rascals in greece went and elected a left leaning government. as is so typical of lefties, THE NEW GREEK GOVERNMENT WON'T PAY IT'S DEBTS. so the big question is, will the EU call the greek's bluff and end the bailout? in my opinion, the EU must call the greek's bluff and let the chips fall where they may. those greek rascals borrowed a shit load of money and promised to pay it back but now they say: fuck you and fuck your debt, we're not paying. i say let those fucking greeks wallow in their own shit.

it's not that i enjoy seeing greek women and children starving, it's a matter of respecting the rules. if you promise to pay, you fucking well better pay. and walter agrees with me 100 percent!

as for the deadwood question in my previous post, the winner was a young lady from mississippi who correctly guessed: "if that ain't the purest form of nigger logic..." i don't know any negroes so i have to substitute the word nigger with the ethnicity of what ever rat bastard immigrant i happen to be having a disagreement with at the time. if i had a nickel for every time i've said: "if that ain't the purest form of nine iron logic", i'd be eating an apple fritter right now.

for those of you who would like to use my new catch phrase, let me assist you with this valuable information: THE RACIAL SLUR DATABASE.

oh well, if i can't afford an apple fritter, there's only one thing to do:

i love you sons of bitches.

Monday, January 26, 2015

corn bulbs

my first LED CORN BULB arrived in the mail today. it's a 9 watt bulb and i paid about $2.50 for the little angel. i was pretty excited when it arrived and was expecting great things when i screwed it in and turned it on. lunch bag let down, it was not as bright as the 5 watt LED bulb that i received last week. after checking on line it became apparent that these corn type bulbs have plenty of detractors. unfortunately i have a few more on their way. luckily i didn't go crazy and buy any of the 10 packs on ebay. although the corn bulbs aren't great, i did get more that $2.50 worth of amusement out of the adventure. i'm looking forward to receiving the 3 watt bulbs. if they provide enough light to prevent me from tripping over stuff in the dark i'll be happy.

i've almost finished the deadwood marathon and have had one of the great lines from steve the drunk stuck in my head for the past week or so. can anyone guess which line is stuck in my head?

caution, this video my offend sensitive viewers. (but you're at the wrong fucking blog if you're sensitive)


i love you sons of bitches. (and don't buy any fucking corn hole bulbs)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

let there be light.

i can't remember what planted the seed in my mind but a few weeks back i became entranced with LED light bulbs. the little buggers cost a small fortune at our local stores so it was off to ebay. i have ordered several of different wattage since the fascination began and today was my lucky day. the first little soldier arrived in the mail, a 5W bulb shaped like a normal light bulb. i say this because they come in several different shapes and configurations. i'm expecting some different types any day. lucky me.

i replaced a standard 40 watt bulb with the 5 watt LED bulb and so far so good. nothing has exploded and the 5W LED bulb is at least as bright and maybe a bit brighter. it also doesn't get hot which is good. no sense wasting electricity producing heat that i don't want. i can hardly wait for the 3,7 and 9 watt bulbs to arrive. once i test all the different wattages and shapes i'll order a 10 pack.

does anyone have the phone number of the pope's mother? it seems that son of a bitch is DARING ME TO SWEAR AT HIS MOTHER. i hope he doesn't chicken out and send the swiss guard after me after i make the call.

i have a raunchy deadwood clip i'm dying to post but for now i'll chicken out go with a possibly top 10 video:

i love you sons of bitches.