Monday, September 1, 2014

perfect ice bucket challenge

i don't know if this is on the up and up but i laughed so hard i could have passed a grilled cheese sandwich through my nose.

i love you sons of bitches.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

motherfucking snakes!

some stories seem to be just too good to be true and THIS IS CERTAINLY ONE OF THEM! in this age of electronic gizmos and cell phones it seems a shame that no one was able to make a video of the incident. who knew a snake that's been dead for 20 minutes could still kill the prick who killed it!

a few posts ago i was raving about the fabulous x files episode titled "the unnatural". after watching several great episodes i must say that i was slightly disappointed in the episodes titled "biogenisis / the sixth extinction." what should have been a totally excellent story was ruined by the way it was wrapped up in a few minutes. it had some great moments and the premise behind the story was very strong but the ending let me down. luckily in the age of wikipedia i was able to read a few synopses (i had to look up that plural) to connect the dots. i was thinking, shit i must have been too medicated and missed some important aspects of the plot but no, i was lucid and the plot had more holes than swiss cheese at the end. there were some excellent scenes with mulder in christ-like positions of crucifixion. i had planned on watching all of season 7 but it might be time to give it a rest.

i love you sons of bitches.

Monday, August 25, 2014

bic lighters

have i ever mentioned how much i hate the bic lighter child proof ring? last night i decided to get a new lighter ready for action and of course this meant removing the child resistant metal band. in the past i've had difficulty with this so i first went to you tube for directions. i watched a few of them just to make sure i was on the right track and sure enough, i fucked up the first lighter i tried to activate. there was one more left in the package so it took a lot of courage to try and remove the ring on the last little soldier. it took several tries but i was able to do it. lucky me. out of the package of 6 lighters, i'll bet i fucked up 3 of them. i made a vow last night to never again buy a bic lighter. (or swallow my pride and get sonny to deal with the safety ring.) how pathetic is that, asking your kid to deal with a child safety device.

on the plus side, i repaired a toilet. a certain member of our household broke the flush lever so it was off the hardware store. there was a large assortment of flush levers and i opted for the more expensive model with a chrome handle and metal bar thinking i'd win the respect of everyone involved but the son of a bitch wasn't a snug fit in the tank hole so i had to drive back to hardware store and exchange it. the dumb fuck who had the house before us had a crappy string attaching the old lever to valve on the bottom of the tank so i also bought a chain. after several adjustments to get the chain the proper length, the dirty job was done. a new flush lever; if that isn't nice, what is?

i love you sons of bitches.