Friday, September 12, 2014

the middle east

so tell me, what's wrong with this photo?

here's what's wrong with in my opinion, kerry's body language! he's sitting there like a school boy in with his hands clasped on his lap sitting absolutely straight on the edge of his chair whilst the saudi is relaxed in a semi reclining position. here's kerry, the secretary of state of the most powerful nation in the world absolutely kowtowing to some fucknut in a dress who has a need to display giant portraits of himself in the background. remember 9/11? what was the administrations first act? safely evacuate the saudi royal family!

and who funded the 9/11 attacks? GUESS FUCKING WHO!!

i love you sons of bitches

Friday, September 5, 2014

god's creatures

i ran across this photo in the christian science monitor daily photos. for some funny reason i love that publication, must be the latent christian in me. but back to the photo:

Image 5 / 18 : Resident Chris Roland walks his pet turtles Cindy and Kuka up Madison Avenue in the Upper East Side of the Manhattan borough of New York. Roland has had the turtles for years and walks them daily he said.

at first i thought, what a nice guy. but after thinking about it i thought, what a prick. if he wants to take his turtles for a walk, why not take them to the park so they can walk on the nice cool grass or maybe take a dip in the lake. in addition to the sidewalk being very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter, the birds are shitting on it and the nine irons are spitting on it. i'm sure those turtles are real chick magnets and i'm not trying to be funny. i'll bet a day doesn't go by that some lovely young lady doesn't ask him about his gorgeous turtles. great gimmick.

summer's almost over and the kids around our neck of the woods are getting an extra long holiday. the teachers are OUT ON STRIKE! this thing started last spring so the kids got an early start on summer holidays and now they're getting a extra break at the end of the summer. lucky them. i don't know the exact figures but it seems half the general population love the teachers while the other half of the population think they're a bunch of over paid slackers. the only thing i know is i wouldn't want to be a teacher for all the tea in china. half the kids can't speak english for sour apples due to immigration, they've integrated "special needs children" into the classroom and every single fucking parent thinks their kid is special. so it goes.

i love you sons of bitches.

Monday, September 1, 2014

perfect ice bucket challenge

i don't know if this is on the up and up but i laughed so hard i could have passed a grilled cheese sandwich through my nose.

i love you sons of bitches.