Monday, October 5, 2015

the election

we lucky canandians are having a federal election in about 2 weeks. here's the sanitized WIKIPEDIA SUMMARY OF THE CANADIAN ELECTION.

and here is my take on it:

current prime minister: steven harper-conservative party. the bad news about steve is he's basically an asshole. the good news about steve is you pretty much know what you're going to get if he wins, an asshole prime minister with a right wing agenda. i don't think he's terribly right wing, in fact i think he's been drifting towards the center over the past few years as he has been tossing goodies at the rubes to try and boost his popularity. there are a lot of canadians who think steve is the devil himself and blame him for all the problems in the world. like i said, he's an asshole but i don't consider him to be satan. one interesting thing about steve is his love of israel. he's always 100% supportive of israel. in fact some people say he's the most popular politician in israel. of course this pisses off our left wing idealists who blame israel for the world's problems.

current leader of the opposition: thomas mulcair - new democrat party. the last election was the first time that the ndp won enough seats in parliament to become the official opposition. for some funny reason the province of quebec threw most of their votes at the ndp. tom mulcair is an interesting dude. he's drifted from the left to the center left in an attempt to get the centrist votes. he also has dual citizenship, canadian and french. for a while he was leading in the polls but now some pollsters are saying he's past his expiry date and this popularity is fading. i can't understand why his dual citizenship isn't more of an issue. i guess the other 2 parties are worried about losing votes in quebec.

current leader of the liberals: JUSTIN TRUDEAU! - he's the son of one our most famous and polarizing prime ministers, pierre elliot trudeau. pierre was to canada what jfk was to the united states, a sexy playboy. young justin has taken the liberals further to the left. in fact, i think the liberals are now a wee bit further to the left than the ndp. it's quite the shocker. of 3 main party leaders, i tend to favor justin. it might be a case of me disliking him the least out of the 3 main candidates for the prime minister's job.

current leader of the green party: elizabeth may - elizabeth is the leader of the greens and actually has a seat in parliament. elizabeth is the first person to be elected as green member of parliament. there was some other guy who defected to the greens after being an independent but he wasn't elected as a green. i like dear old liz but she has a smaller chance of being prime minister than i do of winning an olympic gold medal for men's gymnastics. well, maybe not that small but it's an incredibly small chance.

the interesting thing is how the liberals have drifted to the left and the ndp have drifted to the right. i doubt there's any real philosophical reasons behind their moves, they just think it's the best way to get more votes.

it's a real close race right now with the 3 main parties pretty much tied for popular support but the headlines claim the ndp are slipping and the conservatives might be slightly ahead. of course all this can change tomorrow and it will probably bounce around until the election.

so, how is billy pilgrim going to vote?

ask yourself, how would a sea turtle, an elephant or a whale vote? yes, billy will be voting green. the greens won't get elected but i'm almost 100% certain that i've never voted for the party that won the election. for as long as i can remember i've voted green or communist. in this election we don't have a communist candidate in my riding so i'll be going green. i'm not a communist but i consider voting communist to be the ultimate protest vote. although i always vote some fringe lunatic, i can't remember ever not voting.

i love you sons of bitches.

Monday, September 28, 2015


my little papal snit is over. i can't decide what irks me more; the pope himself, or the gullible rubes fawning over his eminence.

the love affair with the new pioneer receiver is fading. i have no problem with its performance but moving the son of bitch hurt my back big time. i'm not sure if it was lugging the new receiver around or putting the old receiver in the closet, but my poor back is aching. the old spinal column ran into trouble about 6 months ago moving furniture and carrying soil to repair a lawn. not only does it hurt, i've lost a lot of strength in my legs. riding the bike is very difficult these days.

just to prove that i don't hold a grudge, i pedaled up to the library in a reasonable amount of pain and picked up 11 cd's to feed the beast. the holly cole trio has caught my ear these days and since they're free, i grabbed several others. there was a time when i'd shell out 20 bucks for a cd only to discover that other than the song that interested me, the cd was basically crap. the cd section in our library seems to be shrinking but the dvd section is growing like a weed. the library, cable, streaming, downloading...... somebody up there likes me, which is nice.

i was going to reconfigure the new receiver and add a few more speakers but that thought lasted mere nanoseconds once i looked at all the wires in the back and realized i'd have to slide the son of bitch out to connect the new speakers. it's a daunting task for my 60 year old eyes to see through a maze of wires, select the correct terminal and insert a frayed wire into a small hole while all the time being careful not to dislodge some other wires. adding speakers is easy with banana plugs but i couldn't find any laying around so now i'll have to wait a month or so until a new supply arrives from china. 8 pairs are on the way and i'm thinking of ordering more. just-in-time delivery may be cost effective for manufacturing but i like to keep a reasonable inventory of trinkets and gadgets.

the new receiver sounds good and it looks good but it also provides piece of mind. i have a back-up receiver again. a few months ago i disposed of my old receivers in an attempt to rid myself of some clutter and since nature abhors a vacuum, the area i freed up by getting rid of the receivers was soon filled with stuff that had less value and less potential utility than the old receivers and worst of all, i lost the peace of mind in knowing that i had a back-up ready just in case something went wrong. now i can turn the son of bitch on and off ad infinitum and not worry about breaking it, because i have a back-up. (note to self, future back-up equipment must weigh less than twenty pounds.)

a man always needs a plan b and back-up toys in case things go askew. lucky me.

i love you sons of bitches.

Friday, September 25, 2015

the pope

the figure head of the catholic church is on a recruiting drive in the united states and LECTURING US ON ECONOMIC POLICY AND HUMAN RIGHTS.

if there's one thing that makes it impossible for me to enjoy the moment it's religious bullshit. i am 100% certain that i will never feel any remorse for the following statement:


it is the height of hypocrisy for some asshole representing one of the most evil and profit driven organizations in history to lecture us on morals.

in case anyone forgot: Catholic mass grave sites of 350,800 missing children found in Ireland, Spain, Canada, we in canada are paying a fortune to the indian kids fucked over by catholic priests.

i would also encourage anyone to read about the spanish and portuguese adventures in their conquest of south america which were directed by and blessed by the catholic church. it ain't pretty.

i love you sons of bitches.

Friday, September 18, 2015


behold the turtle, he only makes progress when he sticks his neck out.

this morning i stuck my neck out and wrote a post on syrian refugees. after an hour or so i decided progress was over rated so i deleted my thoughts on syria and pulled my head back into my shell. so it goes. as for syria and the european dilemma, i'm just glad that i live on the other side of the planet. it seems like a very difficult situation with no obvious solution. and i just can't figure out why germany is taking in 800,000 mostly muslim syrians. but those fucking germans aren't stupid so they must have a plan.

my current adventure is a new receiver. well it's not new, i bought it used but it's a new toy for me to play with once i find a good samaritan to hook it up. it's an older 7.1 pioneer elite with an honest 140 watts per channel. all the newer receivers are now "network" and 9.2 or 11.2 channels and don't even get me started about atmos. far too complicated for me. i just want something good and powerful so i can listen to music at a very low level and "feel" the music. it's quite ironic that in order to appreciate music at a low volume you need lots of power. as a younger man i always associated powerful amps with loud music. live and learn.

if and when i find a good samaritan to hook it up for me, this is the song i want to hear first:

i love you sons of bitches.

Friday, September 11, 2015


we all need a little bliss in our lives. bliss is not like pizza, you can't pick up the phone and order the nightly special with a side of bliss, then eagerly await some young man in a beat up old japanese car to knock on your door with a box of bliss under his arm enclosed in a bacteria infested insulated shoulder purse. no, bliss takes a little work. and of course there a lot of negative nellies out there who make a career out of avoiding bliss, preferring instead to become perpetual and professional wet blankets. so don't let some asshole wet blanket infringe upon your bliss.

at the moment i am not immersed in bliss but i have the next best thing, the promise of bliss this evening. i experience a dollop of bliss most evenings with the aid of music and television but tonight will probably be the last night of a seasonal immersion into bliss that can only be experienced in the summer weather. at this very moment my bed sheets and pillow cases are baking in the mid day sun. there are very few things that can match the feeling of bliss i experience when sliding into bed with fresh sheets that have dried in the sun. this will certainly be a blissful experience worthy of being imprinted upon my mind. perhaps with enough blissful events imprinted upon my mind, the magic of neuroplasticity will create some permanent pathways to bliss in my rapidly aging mind.

as my old buddy deepak is so fond of saying and it bears repeating; sat chit ananda, sat chit ananda, sat chit ananda..........

gutters clean, furnace replaced, mighty sonata serviced, adios cracker factory. yes, it is time to count my blessings and enjoy the moment. my pension is a little fucked up at the moment but as i am also so fond of saying, who gives a shit? i have clean fresh sheets.

this song has given me many moments of bliss since i stumbled upon a review that tied it to don quixote. did dylan have the knight errant in mind whilst writing it? i doubt it, but old bob is a mysterious guy so it might just be possible. turn down the volume on your sound system, enjoy the magical understated musical introduction and dream of dulcinea del toboso.

i love you sons of bitches, so you got that going for you too.